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Simon’s Green Acre (SGA) Community Gardens are MORE than just gardens!  Some of our many amazing resources include:


  • Over 75 raised beds for rent - sizes range from 2’ x 8’ to 4’ x 12’, and include both traditional ground-level raised beds (both wooden and recycled plastic options) and raised (32” - 38”) table beds)
  • Multipurpose education space - gardeners and community members at large can reserve this space for meetings, lessons, celebrations, etc.
  • Universal access produce area, herb garden, and shade/rest area (Coming Soon!) - if you have difficulty using traditional beds, we’ve got you covered; the herb garden and rest area are open to all
  • North Carolina native wildflower meadow (Coming Soon!) - celebrate our state’s beautiful (and ecologically important) flora while observing the positive impact these plants have on attracting and supporting native pollinator species (e.g., butterflies, hummingbirds, honey bees, etc.)
  • NC native shrubs (Coming Soon!) - these flowering shrubs are not only beautiful, they support pollinators with their flowers, and birds and mammals with their berries; espalier fans, come see what we’re doing with these native shrubs
  • Fruit and Nut tree orchard (Coming Soon!) - come walk among the trees that provide us with so many delicious (and HEALTHY!) treats



Our Mission


The mission of SGA Community Gardens is to empower Winston-Salem residents (particularly those residing in the city's East and Southeast Wards - noted food deserts) with the resources and skills needed to grow their own healthy foods, increase access to fresh produce for all, and provide opportunities for education, relaxation, self-expression, and healing to improve physical, mental, and emotional health, from the inside out.


We accomplish this mission by providing the following resource to the community:


  • Raised beds for rent - grow, harvest, and eat your own sustainably-grown produce
  • Education programing - attend monthly classes/workshops on the following topics: art and culture, gardening, and cooking/preparing fresh produce (all classes are held in the garden unless otherwise specified)
  • Youth gardening club - youth can come learn to plant, maintain, and harvest produce; make healthy snacks; learn about the importance of respecting and caring for natural resources; do art projects; and much, much more
  • SGA Farmer’s Market - all are welcome to visit the Farmer’s Market for affordable and healthy produce (every Saturday, May - November, 2019)


If you are interested in finding out more about how you can help us accomplish this mission, please click the “How You Can Help” tab above!


Our Vision


We believe urban garden spaces can nourish more than just the body, and we hope to nourish the mind and the soul as well through our FREE monthly education programs (for the gardener and non-gardener alike), our on-site North Carolina native wildflower meadow and rest area (coming: October 2019), our multi-purpose education space, and our community of dedicated, experienced, and friendly gardeners and partners.


Click the “Our Resources” tab above for more details!


Garden Manager


S.G. Atkins CDC is excited to announce the most recent addition to our staff, Dr. Kyle Luth, Community Gardens Manager.  Kyle is an avid gardener, scientist, and educator with over 12 years of teaching experience, including college, high school, and elementary education.  He enjoys sharing his passion for education and appreciation for the natural world with everyone he meets.  Thanks to a generous grant from the City of Winston-Salem, we were able to hire Kyle on a part-time basis in September (2018), to help update the garden space, increase its programming options, and expand its impact in neighboring communities.


What’s going on in the gardens?


Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@Simonscommunitygardens) to keep up with all the exciting events, programs, and updates in SGA Community Gardens!


Who’s currently (2019) using SGA Community Gardens?


  • Vida Verde
  • Knew Era Consulting, PLLC
  • Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) SMiLE CAMPAiGN
  • WSSU Recreation Therapy Classes
  • United Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church (UMMBC) Community Garden
  • Phi Omega Global Poverty AKAcultural Project
  • Wake Forest University (WFU) School of Divinity
  • Over 15 individual community members/families

Beds For Rent


Simon’s Green Acre (SGA) Community Gardens currently offer 4 options for bed rentals:


Option 1: 4’ x 12’ raised bed (ground-level; wooden) - $30/yr. ($25 before March 1)

  •     Option 2: 4’ x 8’ raised bed (ground-level; recycled plastic) - $25/yr. ($20 before March 1)
  •     Option 3: 3’ x 6’ raised bed (waist-level [~31”]; wooden) - $25/yr. ($20 before March 1)
  •     Option 4: 2’ x 8’ raised fence bed (ground-level; wooden) - $20/yr. ($15 before March 1)


    Coming Soon (late 2019/early 2020): in-ground gardening option (contact garden manager for details)


Contact Kyle Luth (acting Community Gardens Manager) to reserve your bed! Email (sgatkinscdc8@gmail.com) or call (765-491-4076) today!


Our Programming


Community Gardening Days:

        Tuesdays (4 - 7 PM)

        Saturdays (9 AM - 12 PM)


Monthly Recurring Events:

  • 1st Tuesdays - “Arts in the Garden” Series (6 - 7/7:30 PM)
  • 2nd Tuesdays - “Youth Gardening Club” (4 - 5/5:30 PM)
  • 3rd Tuesdays - “Garden Lesson/Workshop” Series (6 - 7/7:30 PM)
  • 4th Tuesdays - “Cooking in the Garden” Series (6 - 7/7:30 PM)


SGA Farmer’s Market:

    Every Saturday (May - November; 8 AM - 12 PM)


Pop-up Lunches (in partnership with the Enterprise Center’s Shared Use Kitchen):

        2nd and 4th Fridays (11 AM - 1 PM)


Questions, comments, or want to help out?  Contact Kyle Luth (acting Community Gardens Manager) today! Email (sgatkinscdc8@gmail.com); phone (765-491-4076).



How Can You Help


Volunteers Needed!


No matter your skills, we can use your help!  Even if you are not an avid gardener, many opportunities exist to help out at SGA Community Gardens.  Contact Kyle Luth (acting Community Gardens Manager) to inquire about volunteering! Email (sgatkinscdc8@gmail.com) or call (765-491-4076) today!


Financial Support


WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  With the exception of a few small grants, all garden revenue comes from bed-rental fees, and private donations.  We strive to keep bed rental fees low to increase the likelihood of whole-community involvement, but as we seek to expand our impact in the community, we will require additional resources.  All proceeds from bed rental fees, SGA Farmer’s Markets, and private donations are put directly back into the garden, its programs, and the Community Resilience Fund (established to empower local residents to bring about positive change in their community from within).


To make a monetary donation:

  • Contact Kyle Luth, Community Gardens Manager (email: sgatkinscdc8@gmail.com; phone: 765-491-4076)
  • Contact Carol Davis, Director S.G. Atkins CDC (email: davisc@wssu.edu; phone: 336-734-6915)
  • Donate on the SGA COmmunity Garden’s GoFundMe (https://www.gofundme.com/simons-community-gardens)


 To make a tool or other non-monetary donation:

  • Contact Kyle Luth, Community Gardens Manager (email: sgatkinscdc8@gmail.com; phone: 765-491-4076

News and Events


In the Media:


WFMY News 2: https://on.wfmy.com/2IqHFvE

WXLV Spectrum News 45 : https://bit.ly/2SfhHKW

UpWorthy: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=350976482347724


Upcoming Events:


  • March 1: final day to rent beds and receive “early bird” rate
  • March 5: mandatory 2019 garden kick-off meeting for all gardeners planning to grow produce in Simon’s Community Gardens this season
  • March 9: Spring Garden Kick-off event, garden blessing, plant sale, and pot-luck lunch
  • March 23: “Learning to Garden Lesson 1: Right Crops, Right Time and Soil Testing Basics” (at NC Cooperative Extension Office: 1450 Fairchild Rd, W-S, NC 27105)
  • April 16: “Learning to Garden Lesson 2: Organic Alternatives”
  • May 4: official SGA Farmer’s Market kick-off event
  • May 7: “Arts in the Garden” program kick-off (Mother’s Day flower arrangement workshop)
  • May 21: “Learning to Garden Lesson 3: Composting - The Dirt on Healthy Soil”
  • May 28: “Cooking in the Garden” program kick-off


All events will take place in the Simon’s Green Acre Community Gardens unless otherwise specified.


For more events, see the flyer below, and check out “Our Programming” on the “Our Resources” tab above!


Recent Events:


New water spigot installed (02/15/2019):


Huge thanks to J.G. Andrews & Son Plumbing Company for installing a new water spigot in the northern portion of the garden!  This new spigot will:

Improve ease of watering for gardeners using the newly installed recycled plastic raised beds and waist-height raised beds

Allow for the installation of a hand washing and produce cleaning station in the garden

Will make it easier for gardeners to rinse off tools before returning them to the shed after use!


Simon’s Community Gardens receives $15,000 grant from the Harrison and Frances Block Foundation (02/08/2019):


We are very excited and thankful for receipt of this grant!  The funding, provided by the Harrison and Frances Block Foundation, will help us (in part) to complete the following projects in the community garden space:

  • Universal Access produce growing area with waist-height raised beds
  • Universal Access herb garden area
  • Universal Access shade/rest area
  • NC native wildflower & pollinator garden
  • NC native shrub installment
  • Fence bed growing area for vertically growing plants
  • Multipurpose education space
  • Fruit and nut tree orchard


We hope to see you in the garden to enjoy these community resources!  Construction of many of these projects has already begun. Check in at the garden often to see the progress!


Winston-Salem State University’s (WSSU) Facilities Department scrapes Bermuda grass for new raised bed area and universal access gardening area (02/04 - 02/05/2019):


Thanks to the help of Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Mr. Timothy McMullen and Director of BES Mr. George Morales, WSSU Facilities employees Mr. Darryll Turner and Mr. Jose Orellana Guillen were able to use campus tractors to scrape the Bermuda grass from a portion of the garden for the installation of a new recycled plastic raised bed growing area, and a universally accessible growing area for individuals with special needs and/or physical limitations that make using traditional raised beds difficult or impossible.  These new growing areas will add around 45 new beds to the garden and will eliminate the never ending struggle to eradicate the pesky Bermuda grass from our beds!  Thank you WSSU!


City of Winston-Salem Helping Hands Day of Service (01/18/2019):


Nearly 30 Winston-Salem City employees from across the city gave 2 hours of their day to help with projects in the garden.  Department of Utilities and Sewage employees, firefighters, mental and physical health experts, as well as a number of current gardeners were present to help with the following projects:

Clearing blackberry brambles along the garden’s fence

Emptying, relocating, repairing, and refilling large raised beds into a central location


Winston-Salem State University’s (WSSU) EMERGE Leadership Group volunteer day (01/12/2019):


A total of 48 WSSU students and staff volunteered at the garden for 2 hours to start many projects.  The group was broken into 2, with half the students flexing their mental muscles, and the other half putting in sweat equity.  After an hour, the groups switched and spent an hour doing the doing what the other group had done before them.


The brainstorming group worked on:

Ideas for future garden events

Ways to improve community outreach

Ideas for social media campaigns, and more!


The group working in the garden spent their time:

Clearing blackberry brambles along the garden’s fence

Emptying, relocating, repairing, and refilling large raised beds into a central location

Emptying and relocating the compost bins

Filling holes in the garden area


Simon’s Community Gardens receives $30,000 Rinse, Recycle, Repeat Grant from Garnier and TerraCycle (10/26/2018):


Miranda Legg is passionate about recycling. She also loves a good competition.


In April, Legg, a senior psychology major and Spanish minor at Winston-Salem State University

(WSSU), combined both passions to help the university win a nationwide recycling competition.

Throughout April, she sent emails to fellow students. She also set up recycling boxes in Foundation Heights, where she lives and works as resident assistant (RA), and in the C.E. Gaines Center.


At the end of the competition, Legg had collected more than 5,000 beauty and personal care containers, topping college competitors on 50 campuses to win Garnier’s Rinse, Recycle, Repeat: College Competition, created in partnership with TerraCycle and DoSomething.org.

“I’m proud of all the support that I’ve gotten from my family, friends and school for helping me win,” Legg said. “I really feel like my participation in this contest has made a difference, and it is helping inspire other to recycle more or at least use reusable water bottles.”


For leading WSSU’s campaign, Legg, a Provost’s Scholar and member of the S.G. Atkins Honors Society, received a $2,000 scholarship.


Her work has also paid off for WSSU and the communities around the university.

Simon's Green Acre Community Garden, located at the Enterprise Center, has received a Garnier Green Garden worth $30,000. The donation includes garden materials and grant money to purchase plants and soil. The garden materials, which include benches and a gazebo, are made from recycled personal care and beauty packaging collected through the Garnier-sponsored recycling program.


“This is the largest donation we have received since Simon’s Green Acre was created in 2010,” said Carol Davis, executive director of the S.G. Atkins Community Development Corp. “This generous donation....


Read more at:




The Simon Green Atkins Community Development Corporation (SGACDC) is a non-profit organization that strives to foster community-based leadership focused on revitalizing the neighborhoods surrounding Winston-Salem State University.

Contact Information

1922 S.MLK Jr. Dr.,

Winston-Salem, NC 27107




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